About the company

In Bisaku we believe that love is the only force coming to each of us from an unknown place like a magic, invisible caress. We consider love to be the primary, as well as the most powerful human need. We have always been fascinated by its strength, which we can especially see in its ability to overcome distance and time. Love is exciting and brings an infinite number of emotions and memories.

We believe that the symbolism of engagement and wedding rings is anchored much more deeply than only serving as a basis for sealing a marriage. Each ring we make becomes an imaginary preserver of these memories. Although each of us has a different perception of love as well as ideas about it and happiness, a belief in the continuation of this wonderful feeling remains. 


BISAKU rings, which are characterized by their modern design, clean lines and attention to detail are inspired by these ideas.

The uniqueness of love is born from the uniqueness of each couple which shares it, and we are aware that only through a very personal approach can we understand the wishes of the spouses. Knowing that our BISAKU rings will accompany you for each day of your journey through life together is very fulfilling for us.


Visit our stores with engagement and wedding rings in Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Bratislava.

Come and recharge in the unique atmosphere of our original store and enjoy this special moment. See for yourself that love in BISAKU is essential and ubiquitous.