Bisaku diamonds

Bisaku diamonds

What is the difference between natural and lab created diamonds?

An engagement ring with diamonds is must have. You can choose from two types of this eternally beautiful stone:
natural diamond and lab created diamond

However, what is the difference between them?

As for the chemical composition of the stone, there is really no difference. Natural diamond is a crystalline form of carbon, it is the hardest mineral on our planet. A lab created diamond is identical to its natural brother in both chemical composition and hardness, as well as fire. So it is 100% diamond.

The difference is in how the stone was formed. Both types of diamond are created under great pressure and high temperature. A natural diamond matures under the earth's mantle for hundreds of years, with lab created diamond, this process is simulated and accelerated under human supervision.

Laboratory created diamonds are a 21st century innovation, towards sustainability and environmental responsibility. Both types of diamond are of the same quality, it is up to you whether you choose the tradition of a natural diamond, or whether the child of progress - a laboratory created diamond will win.

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