You surely have questions about choosing a ring.
These are the top FAQ – read the responses.

What material should I choose for my engagement ring?

The most common choice is 14K white gold – a modern classic that suits everyone. Over time, white gold acquires a slight yellow tinge due to the patina, but we will restore your ring to its original shine for free.

The neutral warm colour of 14K rose gold beautifully highlights the stones. Choose rose gold if your partner likes to combine different colours of jewellery.

Yellow gold is the traditional metal for engagement rings. If your partner wears accessories or jewellery in this colour, the rings in yellow gold or in combination with white gold will also suit her perfectly.

The most precious metal in the world from which we make engagement rings is platinum. It has a high purity, is colourfast and is heavier than gold, while also being more expensive. You can recognize a platinum ring by its characteristic metallic grey colour.

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