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What’s the difference between natural and lab created diamonds?

As far as the chemical composition of the stone is concerned, there is really no difference. Natural brilliant is a crystalline form of carbon, it is the hardest mineral on our planet. A laboratory-created diamond is identical to its natural brother in both chemical composition and hardness, as well as fire. So it is 100% diamond. The difference lies in how the stone was formed. Both types of diamond are created under great pressure and high temperature. A natural diamond matures under the Earth's mantle for hundreds of years, with a lab-created diamond, this process is simulated and accelerated under human supervision. Lab-created diamonds are a 21st-century innovation geared toward sustainability and environmental responsibility. Both types of diamond are of the same quality, it's up to you whether you want the tradition of a natural diamond, or whether the child of progress - a laboratory-created diamond - will win.

We carefully select individual diamonds and set only those that stand out for their high quality and excellent brilliant cut. For every ring with a diamond, you get our 4C certificate and for stones over 0.50 ct, according to your choice, an international GIA, EGL HRD or IGI certificate.

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