6 ways to measure ring size

Are you choosing an engagement or wedding ring and aren’t sure about the size? Here are 6 ways to determine the right size. Thanks to some of the tips, you can measure and buy the right ring even as a surprise.

1. Visit a jeweller

The easiest way to find out the size of the ring is to visit one of our brick and mortar shops, where you can try a selected engagement or wedding ring on the spot or measure the size according to special measuring rings in various widths. You can find us in Prague, Brno, Ostrava and Bratislava. Take a look at the wide range of rings, and you can rely on experts who will advise you on your choice.

2. Have a measuring ring sent to you.

If you cannot visit a store for whatever reason, we will be happy to send you a measuring ring that will allow you to easily determine the size yourself. The measurement is perfectly accurate, so keep in mind that your hands change due to certain factors. Try repeating the measurement at different times of the day and then determine the average.

3. Measure a ring from her jewellery box

If you are choosing a ring as a surprise, the one that the person is currently wearing will serve you perfectly. In this case, measure its inside diameter or circumference. Based on the data in millimetres, you will then learn which ring to choose. Also pay attention to which finger she wears the ring on and whether it is on the right or left hand. Finger sizes can differ.

4. Use a piece of string

If you are choosing a ring for someone who does not normally wear rings, a string will help you. Tighten it lightly on her finger to prevent it from slipping. Using a pencil, mark a point in the centre that will overlap both parts of the string; spread it out and measure the distance between the divided point.

5.  Embark on a secret night mission

For real adventurers, whose partners won’t be fooled by any effort to determine the right ring size, we offer another solution. Wait until your sweetheart is asleep and use a measuring ring or string to measure her finger. However, this procedure is definitely not suitable for everyone. If you are worried your partner will wake up and there will be more of a nightmare than a pleasant surprise, you better ask about the size.

6. At Bisaku, you don’t have to worry about ring size

If you don’t want to run the risk that she will figure out what you’re up to, choose any engagement ring at Bisaku. Guess the ring size and prepare an unexpected surprise for your partner. If the ring doesn’t fit, bring her to the store and we will adjust the size for free.


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