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A wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and the selection of rings plays a major role. And because the ring will adorn your hand forever, Don’t underestimate your selection. That's why many future brides and grooms pay attention to opinions in various reviews. What are the key things to focus on?

Approach to customers

Choosing a ring should be an exciting experience. At Bisaku, the customer comes first for us and we try to give him the best we can. We respect your opinions and decisions and, at the same time, we are available to assist you if you are unsure. If you read reviews, focus on evaluating the approach of the staff at individual jewellery stores. After all, nothing can ruin the day more than disappointment over the unprofessional behaviour of jewellers. For a smooth selection experience, try to call and make an appointment before visiting the jewellery store.


Websites have detailed photos of individual models, which you will fall in love with at first sight. However, this enthusiasm might fade once you see the ring on your finger. Each of us is different; some like small minimalist jewellery, while others need a distinctive piece. If you have any doubts about choosing a ring by the photo on the website, visit the jewellery store in person and try on the ring. And because we know that sometimes it's hard to imagine individual models, we often take pictures of them on the hand.

Problem solving

Making jewellery is a job that depends on the skills of jewellers. And because jewellery is made by people, every piece is original. But the human hand sometimes makes a mistake. It is important to admit it and do everything to make the customer happy. Therefore, choose a jewellery store that can correct the mistake. If you are not satisfied with something at Bisaku, we are ready to solve the situation, and in the case of a mistake, we will take care of the correction.


You will often come across complaints in reviews about wear and jewellery losing it glitter. This is a natural occurrence caused by the daily wearing of rings. Every piece of jewellery is marked by the march of time and the consequences of use. But at Bisaku, you have free lifetime service. You are entitled to have your ring cleaned and polished every two years. We can even partially restore the surface finish.

We are here for you

If you are unsure about anything when choosing a ring, turn to experts rather than reviews. At Bisaku, we have been devoted to jewellery for over 25 years. We will be happy to answer all your questions and help with the selection. Above all, we want your new ring to meet all your expectations.


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