Engagement rings for athletes

Even athletes long for a break from their passion – sports – after a while. And so they decide they would like to have someone in their life with whom they can share happiness and joy from their successes as well as sadness and disappointment from failures. But which engagement rings are suitable for athletes and what is important in their selection?

Modesty aside

As they say: 100 people, 100 different tastes Athletes, especially the successful ones, have it in their nature the best to give it their all, both in sports and in their personal life. Therefore, they are not afraid to invest in an engagement ring and want the ring to be perfect, just like their performance. The ideal choice is a distinctive and above all original ring made of white gold or platinum with a precious stone, i.e. a diamond.

For everyday wear and sports

Some people are lucky enough to find a partner who shares the same hobbies. If an athlete finds another athlete, it is definitely a good idea to choose  an engagement ring, that is suitable for everyday wear, preferably so your partner can wear it during sports. The ring should have fine round shapes and a low or recessed crown, made for example of platinum (Is platinum or gold better?), which is very hard and therefore very durable and also naturally hypoallergenic, complemented byo a fine diamond, which it is also harder than cubic zirconia and is less likely to be destroyed by your partner.

I want an original engagement ring

Do you want your engagement ring to be completely original and unique? At BISAKU, our designers will create a ring exactly according to your ideas and wishes. DThanks to a unique 3D program, the ring is precisely modelled and the resulting piece of jewellery is then made using the latest technology. Thanks to this, you can propose to your loved one with a ring you designed on your own.


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