Maintaining the Brilliance: Tips for Caring for Your Wedding Ring

ime leaves its imprint not just on your relationship but also on your ring. Over time, the wear and tear from daily activities can become evident on your jewelry. While it's impossible to prevent every instance of damage, you can take steps to mitigate certain situations that may cause harm.

Shiny or matte?

All surface treatments change over time. Rings made of precious metals literally record every day of your marriage. In our experience, signs of use are the least visible on shiny rings. The shine wears down and dims, whereas a matte finish is polished in places with frequent wear. The differences on combined rings begin to fade. Therefore, choose a ring that you like and don’t worry about the durability of the surface treatment. Even after years of wear, the jewellery can be restored to look like new again.

Your ring prefers to rest in a box when you are cleaning

Metals don’t like chemicals. Whether your wedding ring is made of gold or platinum, you should remove it when using cleaning products. Chlorine-based agents have the worst effect on jewellery. Contact with cleaning agents or cosmetics can cause the loss of gloss or surface damage to metal or stones.

What else should you avoid?

Remove your wedding ring during more demanding manual work that could lead to clogging or scratching. Contact with cosmetic products also has a negative effect. It’s therefore better to take off your ring before playing sports. And be careful not to damage the stone. Even a diamond, the hardest mineral, cannot withstand everything. The risk to cubic zirconia is much higher. Moreover, stones can become clogged with dirt. We can easily solve this problem with deep ultrasonic cleaning, which we provide free of charge.

It’s best to leave more complicated cleaning to professionals

You can easily remove minor soiling on your own. Avoid the use of metallic materials and rough cleaning with a wire brush, for example. An ordinary toothpick is an ideal tool. Leave a comprehensive cleaning to an experienced jeweller. Don't worry and drop by our store: we will be happy to restore the original beauty of your rings. We can also deal with an unexpected situation, such as when a stone falls out. This can only happen in extraordinary instances of a strong impact directly on the stone. The bed in which the stone is set may be damaged, or the stone can shatter.

At Bisaku, we will take care of minor wear for you.

Despite the fact that we produce our rings in the highest possible quality, a patina will appear on each of them over time. We want your rings to stay in perfect condition, so we offer you free lifetime service. You are entitled to a surface renewal of your rings every two years, thanks to which they will look like new. However, use the service judiciously, as polishing removes a small amount of material. 


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