How to combine jewellery

A flattering piece of jewellery is able to underscore the beauty of any woman. There is no need to have a packed jewellery box at home. All you need is a few choice pieces that suit both your personality and clothing. After all, you can combine jewellery not only with other pieces, but also with your outfits. So, how do you combine jewellery to make the final look as impressive as possible?

A combination of precious metals

The first thing that comes to mind when combining jewellery is precious metals. Gold and silver have always been engaged in an eternal battle. While some condemn combining gold and silver, some warmly welcome it. The truth is that today you can forget about this stale stereotype with a clear head. If you combine these two metals in a balanced ratio and you don’t overdo it with colour and especially their number, there is nothing wrong with the “yellow-white” combination.

Our tip: Layering is the solution

You can solve the combination of coloured metals by layering. You can layer necklaces, bracelets and even rings. In the end, a larger amount of jewellery in various colour combinations creates a holistic impression. 

Distinctive elements

The most important thing here is the rule “don’t overdo it”. Definitely do not put a distinctive necklace together with distinctive earrings. We can probably agree that diamonds are one of the most distinctive elements of all, the dazzling beauty of which is hard to surpass. But if you are the proud owner of diamond jewellery, be very careful. Only one piece of diamond jewellery should play a role in your outfit; leave the rest in your jewellery box.

Engagement and wedding rings

The combination of engagement and wedding rings is a chapter of its own. If you decide to wear both rings on your left ring finger, they should match perfectly, in which case, don’t be afraid to use the possibility of custom wedding and engagement rings. Their price is comparable to classic rings and, moreover, you have the guarantee of absolute uniqueness.

Even jewellery has a style

Minimalist, vintage or extravagant. Even jewellery has a style And when combined with clothing, you should give it even more thought. You can combine simple minimalist clothing with almost anything, and the same holds true for minimalist jewellery. Be careful with vintage and extravagance, where you need to put a little more thought into the selection.

Restless necklines

Necklines are usually the biggest problem. In the case of a V-shaped neckline, pay attention to the line of the top so they work together. The best choice is a necklace that also points in a V-shape. Curved necklines are universal and, hence, do not require the same amount of attention; almost any type of necklace works in this case. If you choose a strapless top/dress, pick distinctive earrings instead of a necklace.


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