How to hide the ring before the proposal

Sooner or later, every man figures out what his partner actually means to him, so he decides to do the most beautiful and best thing he can – buy an engagement ring and ask her for her hand in marriage. Once he has overcome all the pitfalls of choosing the right ring, he starts to plan the proposal. But how to hide the ring so that its chosen one doesn’t accidentally find it?

Take advantage of your partner’s qualities

You've been going out together for a while now, you've shared some experiences and gotten into situations that have revealed your girlfriend’s qualities. Some may have surprised you, some you might have anticipated, still others you may have noticed straight off.

    • Is your partner shorter? Hide the ring some place high and out of reach. Hide the engagement ring in the attic, on a high cabinet or on the top shelf of a closet/pantry.
      • Do you know that your loved one hates computer games? Hide the ring in a game box – we guarantee she’ll never look there.
    • Few women enjoy manual technical activities. Hide the ring in  your work bench among your tools.Just be sure you don’t smudge the box. 

Friends and family

If you are afraid to leave the ring at home, have a friend hang on to it for you. When choosing a suitable “guardian” of the ring, take into account how reliable and trustworthy the friend/family member is, so that they do not lose the engagement ring somewhere, do not forget about it, and above all do not reveal your plans to your girlfriend.

It’s darkest under the lamp

How about trying to hide the ring in a place you visit normally, even every day? Who would look for a ring in a bowl of decorations, on a windowsill by a flowerpot or in a library between books? Since your partner can take these places as a normal part of her daily routine, she certainly wouldn’t think you’d leave the ring right under her nose.

Wedding ring store

If you don’t want to rely on hiding the ring at home or with friends and family, you can keep the ring with the jeweller or at the store where you bought it. Here you can count on absolute confidentiality on the part of the merchant, and above you can count on the fact that very few women would go to the store to ask if her boyfriend had bought an engagement ring. At BISAKU will be happy to help you with storing your ring at our stores in PragueBrnoOstrava or Bratislava. You can rely on us.


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