“Should anyone here present know of any reason that this couple should not be joined in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace.” And the coronavirus spoke.

Just a few weeks ago you smoothed out the final details and began looking forward to your wedding day. But now we are all facing an extraordinary situation and often we do not know how to behave and what awaits us in the coming days. Government regulations and measures are constantly changing. Covid-19 has been the source of much panic and uncertainty. What can you do if you have a wedding planned in the coming weeks or months? While estimates suggest that the situation should calm down in 2–3 months, precise dates are not known. Many couples in love wait quietly and hope that everything will get “back to normal”. Hope dies last.

Carry on with plans, cancel or postpone?

If your wedding is in April or early May, the answer is more than clear. In light of current government regulations, it is probably better to cancel the wedding or try to move it to another month. The summer months are among the most popular months for weddings, so it is possible that open dates can be found in autumn or winter. After all, even a winter wedding can be magical.

Weddings scheduled for the end of May and later have better prospects. Here are several options for you:

  • Stick with the original date and wait to see what happens,

  • for greater certainty and possibly even comfort, scale back the size of the wedding (fewer guests, etc.),

  • move the wedding to the autumn/winter or 2021.

Once you decide on one of these options, you must act. We have some good tips for you to focus on in the current crisis situation.

How to proceed now?

The main thing now is communication with all involved parties – the wedding agency/coordinator, venue and catering managers, the band, guests and also jewellers and wedding ring seller.

You will encounter various types of approaches when communicating with all of the parties. Many people have a more refined sense of empathy than ever before, so you will receive an understanding and helpful approach. Unfortunately, empathy is foreign to others and their approach won’t be quite as warm. We strongly recommend that you don’t bring unnecessary emotions into communication. Even people and companies that, for example, do not return a deposit or have a high cancellation fee, have to live off something. Try to reach a compromise and remember that situation is not pleasant for anyone.

Now focus your attention on the following points:

  • Gather the necessary information

Before you start frantically calling and bombarding people with emails, first try to find the information yourself. Use the internet and websites. Most people today try to communicate everything immediately by email.

  • Contact wedding suppliers and important individuals

Whether you’ve have found the info or not, it is necessary to communicate. Contact all involved parties – the wedding venue, catering, band, officiant, etc. Find out alternative possibilities – change of venue, postponement or cancellation fees.

  • Inform your guests

Don’t forget about your guests – it is necessary to communicate with them. Let them know you are dealing with possible changes and are working on the best solution. Not every guest lives close to the wedding venue; some may need to travel from afar and have to arrange accommodation and transportation in advance.

(Un)favourable time to propose

Were you planning to propose and aren’t sure what to do now? It might seem like this isn’t the best time to ask for her hand. Perhaps you imagined the proposal differently – in a nicer place with a better atmosphere. It is in these difficult times that you realize now more than ever the need to have someone next to you with whom you can handle everything. This can be a bright moment that brings positive energy to your relationship.

We are still here with you

It will be a while before we can meet in the store, but we're still here with you online. Just as soon as it is possible, we’ll open our stores so you can see the rings in person. We are preparing a reservation system that will allow you to book your visit.

Our workshop is still in operation, so you can order a wedding or engagement ring on our e-shop. By ordering online, you can be sure you’ll get your ring on time. We will work even harder so that everyone can have their weddings and engagements this year on the dates they wanted. We trust that everything will soon return to normal.

Don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebookwhere we post new articles and information. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have. We wish you as few problems and complications with the wedding as possible, and stay close in these difficult times. Your BISAKU team.


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