Current Trends in Wedding Planning and Organization

You’ve already proposed and given her the engagement ring. The time has come to think about a wedding ring. Planning the perfect wedding down to the last detail so that it still meets modern trends will take a lot of work. Women put more energy into planning, as this is a day they want everything to be exactly as they imagined. But enthusiastic brides-to-be, especially those who have never experienced a wedding, often do not know where to start, what to look out for and what not to forget. The following article introduces the latest trends in wedding planning and organizing.

Continuing the Trend: Embracing Simplicity in 2023

Lavish weddings and kitsch are gone for good. Simplicity has always been beautiful, and it always will. Simple floral arrangements, natural materials, modesty and balance. You can’t go wrong with these. But it remains true that the style in which the wedding takes place is entirely up to you.

Use colour to your benefit

The wedding color palette often reflects simplicity, with earthy tones gaining popularity. In recent years, shades of green, light brown, and beige have been prominent choices, evoking a natural ambiance throughout the ceremony.


Traditional notions often suggest that women doubt their attractiveness without makeup, though this sentiment is rarely expressed by men. However, there's a growing trend towards embracing natural beauty, where untamed waves, flowing white dresses, abundant flowers, and delicate, natural makeup reign supreme. This shift towards embracing nature ensures enchanting brides that captivate effortlessly.


Bridesmaids will rejoice

One cut, length and colour of the dress that will make all your bridesmaids happy is simply impossible. But you no longer need to suffer this difficult task. Letting your bridesmaids choose what they want to wear is a modern trend. Afterall, it’s important that they feel confident and comfortable in their outfits. But if you are a perfectionist, you can at least designate a particular tone for their dresses.

And the best for last – perfect wedding rings

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