Wedding rings as a talisman of your love thanks to original engraving

The wedding bouquet fades, you add the photos to your album, return the dress to the rental shop, or put it in the closet. The wedding ring is the only thing you will keep wearing. Have your ring inscribed and make it the most personal reminder of your wedding.

How does engraving work?

This is technology for decorating various objects. The gradual removal of material creates an inscription or ornament. The first engravers used various gravers to create, for example, coats of arms and decorative objects. Gradually, engraving methods and tools have improved, so now you can have truly original engravings even on small jewellery.

Be inspired by your love

Most couples choose to engrave their spouse’s name and the date of the wedding, or their initials. However, imagination has no bounds. As such, you can choose something far more personal that has meaning only for the two of you. Think about what your partner means to you and feel free to use a whole sentence up to 34 characters. We have selected six beautiful fonts for you, but we will be happy to engrave something based on your own font. And if words are not enough, we can immortalize your fingerprints on the rings.

We won't keep you waiting long

We know how important the selection of wedding rings is for a couple. They look forward every day to finally having them in their possession. Engraving is therefore agreed with our customers when choosing the appearance of the rings, and the delivery time takes only a few days longer depending on the complexity of the engraving.

Need advice? We will help you

We have been guided by love for a quarter of a century. When making your rings, we want to get to know you and create a piece that accurately describes your relationship. If you are not sure about the choice of engraving, stop by one of our stores and we will be happy to help you.


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