What to do with a scratched or matte wedding ring

Choosing a wedding ring is an important step that no wedding day can do without. But certainly none of you want your dream ring, so painstakingly chosen, to be scratched right away. Is it even possible for a ring not to be scratched and lose its beauty?

The material is key

The most important thing in this case is the material from which the wedding ring is made. The classic production material is gold, which is really quite soft. Therefore, various alloys to create coloured gold are becoming increasingly popular. Not only does gold have a more attractive colour, but the addition of another precious metal can also improve its properties.

For example, white gold, which is produced as an alloy of gold and another white metal (silver, zinc, nickel, palladium or platinum), acquires hardness and resistance, especially white gold with an admixture of nickel. 

Wedding rings made of surgical steel, titanium or tungsten are a whole other separate chapter in terms of endurance and durability.

Take care of your wedding rings

After the wedding, the wedding ring naturally becomes part of your outfit. However, it can easily be damaged during normal daily wear. To keep the rings dazzlingly bright for as long as possible, try to follow a few simple rules.

Never work out with your ring on

The gym is a great place to relax and shape your figure, but the ring is quite dangerous for you in this environment. Most equipment and machines are made of metal, and friction between metal and precious metal can suddenly cause abrasions and scratches. Therefore, take off your ring and store it in a safe place when you visit the gym.

And don’t shower with your ring

While it might seem pointless, it’s better to take your ring off when taking a shower or bath. Residues of body cosmetics in the shower can settle into microscopic layers on the ring and thus tarnish its shine, and more aggressive ones (such as bath salts) can erode the ring’s durability.

Swimming is great for your beauty, not for your ring

Swimming in the pools is just as bad for you as the shower. The main culprit in all pools is chlorine.

Even your engagement ring can be harmful

Even your engagement ring can cause mischief. If, ladies, you have decided to wear both rings on your left ring finger, one could scratch the other. Hence, if you have significantly different rings (e.g. one smooth and the other segmented), think about wearing them separately.

Timeless matte could be a solution

We can all agree that abrasions and scratches are much more visible on a shiny surface than on a matte surface. So how about choosing rings with a matte finish to seal your love? Their elegance and sophistication will surprise you.

What is a scratch?

If your ring has been scratched, don’t despair. Good jewellery stores and wedding ring shops should be able to help and put the rings in order with a minor surface treatment. As part of its service, BISAKU also offers the option of complete cleaning and renewal every two years for free, so your rings will be kept in perfect condition for many years.

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