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The most romantic places for a wedding in the Czech Republic

Choosing a place for your big day is not at all easy. There are several conditions you will have to take into consideration when making the choice – the month the wedding will take place (influenced by the weather), how far guests will have to travel, whether it is possible to accommodate them at the location, etc. As usual, it will not pay to procrastinate with these decisions, as the best places are also those that are booked first. Are you longing for a truly romantic wedding? We have prepared a list of places for you that are simply breath-taking.

What to do with a scratched or matte wedding ring

Choosing a wedding ring is an important step that no wedding day can do without. But certainly none of you want your dream ring, so painstakingly chosen, to be scratched right away. Is it even possible for a ring not to be scratched and lose its beauty?

How to combine jewellery

A flattering piece of jewellery is able to underscore the beauty of any woman. There is no need to have a packed jewellery box at home. All you need is a few choice pieces that suit both your personality and clothing. After all, you can combine jewellery not only with other pieces, but also with your outfits. So, how do you combine jewellery to make the final look as impressive as possible?

How to choose earrings for your love

Perhaps every woman's eyes light up at the sight of a beautiful piece of jewellery. Earrings are aan easy way to make your partner happy. Why is that? Because you don't have to know the size, for example, like a ring. But how to choose a piece of jewellery so that it suits her as much as possible and so that she is satisfied with it? We have a few tips you will appreciate when choosing earrings for your better half.

Why buy women quality jewellery?

Jewellery has always inherently belonged to women. Men often worry about how to please women, though it’s not necessary. High-quality jewellery brightens the eye of every woman. And if you want to buy her jewellery, make sure it’s of high quality. While costume jewellery may appear very nice at first glance, it doesn’t last very long.

How to hide the ring before the proposal

Sooner or later, every man figures out what his partner actually means to him, so he decides to do the most beautiful and best thing he can – buy an engagement ring and ask her for her hand in marriage. Once he has overcome all the pitfalls of choosing the right ring, he starts to plan the proposal. But how to hide the ring so that its chosen one doesn’t accidentally find it?

Trends in wedding planning and organization for 2020

You’ve already proposed and given her the engagement ring. The time has come to think about a wedding ring. Planning the perfect wedding down to the last detail so that it still meets modern trends will take a lot of work. Women put more energy into planning, as this is a day they want everything to be exactly as they imagined. But enthusiastic brides-to-be, especially those who have never experienced a wedding, often do not know where to start, what to look out for and what not to forget. The following article introduces the latest trends in wedding planning and organizing.

Engagement rings for athletes

Even athletes long for a break from their passion – sports – after a while. And so they decide they would like to have someone in their life with whom they can share happiness and joy from their successes as well as sadness and disappointment from failures. But which engagement rings are suitable for athletes and what is important in their selection?

Winter weddings can be magical

The weather outside is starting to get colder, autumn is coming and in a while winter will set in. For those in love, however, the season is usually irrelevant, and therefore they are not afraid to exchange vows even in winter. A snowy winter landscape, falling snowflakes, pure white everywhere you look and a pleasant feeling of warmth by the fireplace or hot tea definitely have their charm. If you are still hesitant about planning a winter wedding, we have a few reasons for you that may help you with your decision.

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