Will you be among those this year who cross the alter and enter the wonderful stage of life called marriage? Every couple dreams of a perfect wedding day exactly according to their imagination. Some want an intimate, romantic wedding preferably just the two of them, others see it as a lavish social event. Some will wish for horses, others white doves while others perhaps wedding photos on a gondola in Venice. Whether one way or another, it will be a day that will belong just to you. Likewise, the rings of love which with you confirm decision will also belong to you. They, too, must fit into your lifestyle and characterize the love that stands behind them.

New trends in the choice of wedding rings are often blended with the styles that repeatedly come back in fashion. One of the perennial stars is wedding rings made of white gold, while the selection of ladies wedding rings with multiple stones is something new. Until recently brides and grooms were somewhat sceptical of rings with more than one stone - the reason was the fear that the stones could fall out. However, after our more than 20 years of existence we have managed to turn these concerns into trust, thanks to the skills of our goldsmiths and the technological processes used, when we shifted the quality level of implanting the stones forward almost to perfection. We mainly insert diamonds and cubic zirconia into fine line grooves, thanks to which the stones do not protrude above the surface of the jewellery and are thereby protected from contact with hard materials under normal wear. This technology also allows greater light penetration to the stones and thus multiplies their glitter. Gold wedding rings studded with diamonds or cubic zirconia are therefore becoming a popular and admired trend.

A very trendy thing is red gold, which in rings is most often combined with the timeless white gold. The red color of gold is very pleasing to the eye, its color resembles the hue of the skin and therefore it is not so sharp as yellow gold. If you are among those engaged couples who want to distinguish themselves and approach wedding rings as an accessory to everyday style, a combination of red and white gold is just right for you.