Rings on request


How the production of customized  rings is carried out

If you did not choose from our selection of engagement and wedding rings, we can offer you something extra.

Over the time we have been engaged in the production of jewellery, we have learned how to empathetically understand your wishes and thanks to 3D technology, we are now able to literally materialize your specific and very challenging ideas.

Using this technology we design gold wedding and engagement rings The design is always consulted with our experienced professionals who will take care to ensure that the resulting design corresponds to your dream jewel.

This specific individual custom production is thus the right solution if you want to get your rings manufactured exactly to your liking.



Each BISAKU ring is manufactured using a combination of manual goldsmith's work and modern technology.

We pay careful attention and put emphasis on the quality of the fixing of every stone that we manually fit into our rings.

The alloys of precious metals which we use for the manufacture of engagement and wedding rings meets the highest quality standards.