Guide to purchasing

  • how to order
  • complaints and warranty
  • business conditions
  • protection of personal data

How to order

After choosing your jewellery, complete and submit the order form.

Double-check the information you entered in the order. We only accept properly completed orders.

Select the desired form of payment:

For engagement rings, you can choose the payment "Cash / COD" or "Prepay by online transfer."

For wedding rings, payments may only be carried out by "Payment in advance through an online transfer".

"Prepay by online transfer":

When selecting this form of payment, the total amount of the order can be paid by credit card . The first step is to select the type of credit card. You will then be redirected to the online payment gateway of Česká spořitelna a.s. Follow the individual steps until completing the payment successfully. You will immediately receive the confirmation of the entry of the order into the database on the stated e-mail .


The transmission of data about your credit card is secured by SSL encryption protocol. For confirmation of payment your browser must support Javascript.

The meaning of the fields:

To display the help window for text for the given field click on the question mark next to each field. You will see a help window on how to properly fill out the field.

Card for payment:

The gateway accepts all VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Maestro and Diners Club cards. Maestro cards without CVV / CVC are not supported. Check with your bank to see if the option to purchase on the internet is activated on your card.

Registered payment:

If your payment gateway offers the possibility of storing payment cards for future purchases, you can use the registered payment service. That saves a part of your card information for future purchases at the store.

3-D Secure:

If your card is connected to the 3D Secure program, you may be prompted to enter your 3-D Secure password on the website of the issuing bank after clicking on "Pay".

If the unsuccessful carrying out of the payment occurs, you will be informed about this fact through a payment gateway, go back to your order and the payment can be repeated. However, if you turn off the browser, you will lose the data and the order will need to be filled in again.

Payment in "Cash":

If you choose the payment in "Cash" option, the total amount can be paid during the actual picking up of the order at one of the BISAKU Jewellery Store locations. Payment can be made only in cash.

"Cash On Delivery" payment:

When choosing payment and receipt through cash on delivery, your order will be sent via Czech Post Office as an insured package to the address given. Goods can be paid to the carriers in cash only. Shipping and handling are always free. Each shipment is insured and the carrier shall be liable for the goods. By handing over the goods to Česká pošta a.s for transportation, we have fulfilled the obligation to deliver the goods.

For the above reason, whenever taking over goods you must thoroughly check the integrity of the packaging of the shipment. Česká pošta a.s. shall deliver valuable parcels within 2-3 working days in the Czech Republic, in Slovakia 4-5 working days (we are not liable for the failure to meet delivery deadlines on the side of Česká pošta a.s ). Delivery of a shipment to EU countries and beyond is only possible by prior mutual agreement. This service is free of charge.

When sending an order to Slovakia, the shipment shall be taken over by the Slovak Post and taking into account the price of the order may occur, based on the current exchange rate.

All forms of acceptance and payment of the total amount of the order are completely free of charge (except for postage to countries outside the EU).

Immediately after choosing the type of payment and its subsequent implementation in the event of "Advance payment by online transfer", you will receive an e-mail confirmation of the receipt of your order.

From this moment the manufacturing / delivery date of the order begins, which is always current on the date of the order. It can vary depending on the current workload of production. Exceptionally, the delivery time may be extended by our company for seven days; a longer period of delivery time may be extended only in the event of your consent (e.g. during the overload of production, etc.). The customer will be informed about this in good time. Believe that it is also in our interest to deliver you the jewellery as soon as possible to our mutual satisfaction.

At approximately the half-way point of the manufacturing process you will be informed about the status of your order by e-mail from our information system.

You will again be informed about the completion of the order by email and possibly telephone. In connection with the preferred method of receipt of the order, your order will be ready for pick up at our store or sent as an insured parcel by Česka pošta a.s.



Vendome s.r.o.
Jánská 12, 602 00 Brno
IČ: 47907401, DIČ: CZ47907401

Registered in the Commercial Register at the Regional Court in Brno, Section C, File No. 9570

Ordering conditions

  • The contractual relationship between the buyer (according to the data filled in the order) and the seller BISAKU Jewellery Store (VENDOME s.r.o, ID: 47,907,401) arises on the basis of the order and the selection of the payment type.
  • The buyer is obliged to put all information truthfully in the order. Incorrect or incompletely specified information of the buyer can not later be recognized as a reason for complaint. Therefore, please carefully measure and specify the size of your fingers. Complications may arise due to later modifications of the rings. Especially with the fitting of stones, finishes, etc. On some models (particularly with the placement of stones around the entire circumference of the ring) no adjustment to the size of the ring is possible. 
  • The Seller agrees to deliver the ordered jewel to the buyer exactly as described on the website and in accordance with the order completed by the buyer. The jewellery is marked with the hallmark of the Czech Assay Office according to Act No. 539/92 coll. on hallmarking and precious metal testing. For all jewels mounted with diamonds (diamonds) we supply a certificate on the authenticity and quality of the stones (4C), wherein the weight in carats (ct), the type of cut, clarity and color of the diamond is listed.
  • The ordered jewel is personally handed over or delivered to you in the original BISAKU box with the bill (receipt) for the total amount of goods ordered.

The delivery period

The normal delivery times for all goods vary depending on the current workload of our workshop. For wedding rings the majority of which we have in stock for the offered options, the delivery time is about 5 working days.

For wedding rings that we custom produce for you, the manufacturing time currently ranges between 5-6 weeks. Exceptionally, the delivery period may be extended by our company for 7 days; a longer period may be extended only for delivery after agreement with you (for example, in the period of production, overload, etc.). The customer will be informed about this in good time. Believe that it is also in our interest to deliver you the jewellery as soon as possible to our mutual satisfaction.

Complaints and warranty

All jewellery purchased through our website are original products of the brand BISAKU and are covered by a 24 month warranty. Wedding rings are an exception as we provide them with a lifetime guarantee.

  • The warranty covers defects in materials and proven manufacturing defects.
  • The warranty does not cover mechanical damage (deformation by external force), surface damage (scratches) and damage caused by improper use.
  • The warranty also expires upon any interference with the goods by a third party. In the case of any requirement to modify or change our product (shrinking, polishing, restoring matting etc.) please exclusively visit our BISAKU JEWELLERY STORE locations.
  • A defect resulting from incorrect or incomplete information entered by the customer in the order form, is not recognized as a reason for complaint (we warn you to pay increased attention and diligence when taking measurements of the size of your fingers ).

When making a claim it is necessary to send the goods at your expense to the address of our establishment and your contact information, the product name, description of the defect, the date and your signature and delivery notes, warranty card, proof of payment must accompany the consignment of goods.
At the same time please state your phone number and email, so we can flexibly and quickly contact you about the state of your complaint. The goods can be returned directly to the company store at: BISAKU klenotnictví, Jánská 12, 602 00 Brno.

In the event that any of the above conditions are not fulfilled the defect shall not be examined or acknowledged and the goods will be returned to the customer at their expense.If the defect is removable, our company will remove the defect at its own expense in the shortest time possible.

If the defect is irremovable, after consultation with the customer, we offer a discount, the replacement of the defective goods for new ones or a different product or a refund in cash at the store or depositing the relevant amount onto the account specified by the customer. Our company ensures the handling of complaints in the shortest possible time. However, it reserves the right to utilize the legal 30-day time limit for handling complaints from the date of receipt. The warranty period is extended by the period of the complaint procedure.

Withdrawal from the purchase contract

Goods made to order can not be returned, they can only be claimed because of manufacturing defects under the guarantees provided by the individual type of product.

Protection of personal data

Our company as the operator declares that all personal customer information is confidential and stored in accordance with the applicable laws of the Czech Republic. Access to the data is granted only to employees of our company. The company is committed to not providing personal customer data to a third party.