Ordering procedure

Once you have chosen your jewellery, fill out and send the order form.

We will check the data you entered on the form. We accept only correctly completed orders.

Choose the desired payment method:

For engagement rings your can choose “Cash/COD” or “Online bank transfer in advance”.

Wedding rings must be paid using the “Online bank transfer in advance” method.

“Online bank transfer in advance”:

When choosing this form of payment, the entire amount of the order can be paid with a card. The first step is choosing the type of payment card. You will then be redirected to the online payment gateway of Česká spořitelna a.s. Follow the individual steps until the payment is successful. You will immediately receive confirmation sent to the email address you have provided that your order has been entered in our database.


The transmission of your payment card data is secured by the SSL encryption protocol. Your browser must support Javascript to confirm payment.

Explanation of fields:

Click the question mark next to each field to bring up help for the relevant field. Instructions on how to fill out the field correctly are displayed.

Card for payment:

The gateway accepts all VISA cards, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Maestro and Diners Club. Maestro cards without CVV/CVC are not supported. Check with your bank to ensure that the internet purchase option is activated on your card.

Registered payment:

If the payment gateway offers you the option of saving a payment card for later purchases, you can use the registered payment service, which will save your card information for future purchases from the merchant.

3-D Secure:

If your card is connected to the 3-D Secure program, you may be prompted to enter your 3-D Secure password on the issuing bank's website after clicking the “Pay” button.

If payment is unsuccessful, you will be informed of this fact via the payment gateway; return to your order and you can repeat the payment. However, if you close the browser, your data will be lost and you will need to fill out your order again.

“Cash” payment:

When selecting “Cash” payment, the payment of the total amount can be made when the order is picked up at one of the BISAKU Jewellery stores. The payment must be made in cash.

“COD” payment:

When you choose the cash on delivery option, your order is sent by Czech Post as a “valuable package” to the given address. The carrier must be paid in cash. Shipping and handling are always free of charge. All consignments are insured and the carrier is liable for the goods. Our obligation to supply the goods is fulfilled upon the handover of goods to Czech Post.

For the reasons provided above, always carefully check to make sure the packaging is intact when taking possession of the consignment. Czech Post delivers valuable packages within 2–3 working days inn the territory of the Czech Republic, 4–5 working days to Slovakia (we are not liable for Czech Post’s failure to deliver the goods by the promised date). Delivery of the consignment to EU countries and beyond is possible only upon prior agreement (and for a fee).

When sending an order to Slovakia, the consignment is taken over by Slovak Post and the price of the order may be taken into account with respect to the current exchange rate.

All forms of receipt and payment of the total amount of the order are completely free(with the exception of postage to countries outside the EU).

Immediately after selecting the type of payment and its subsequent execution in the case of “Payment in advance by online transfer”, you will receive email confirmation of receipt of your order.

From this moment on, the production/delivery period of the order begins, which is always current as of the date the order is placed. It may vary depending on the current production load. In exceptional cases, the delivery time may be extended by our company by 7 days; the delivery time can be extended for a longer period only upon agreement with you (e.g. in a period with a large number of orders, etc.). The customer will be informed of this situation in advance. You can be certain that it is also in our interest to deliver jewellery to you as soon as possible to mutual satisfaction..

Roughly halfway through the production process, you will be informed of the status of your order by email through our information system.

You will again be informed of the completion of the order by e-mail (or by telephone). Based on your preferred method for receiving your goods, your order is prepared for pick-up at our store or are sent as a valuable package by Czech Post.