How to take care
of your BISAKU rings

A ring is like a relationship: if you don’t take care of it, it will lose its lustre. And if you ignore it for a truly long time, your ring can even fall apart. But it’s enough to follow a few simple rules to keep your wedding jewellery (almost) like new – even when worn every day.

Just like a relationship, jewellery must be nurtured
to retain its lustre and keep shining nicely.

Five tips for keeping your ring in perfect condition

NO CLEANING, PLEASE Go ahead and clean at home, of course ... just not with your ring on your finger. And take off your ring when handling chemicals, as they will damage its protective layer. AVOID IMPACT Keep your ring away from metal and glass. Avoid sharp impact with anything hard – these deeper scratches cannot be removed with normal polishing. WASHING IS NOT RECOMMENDED You should also remove your ring when washing your hands and applying hand cream. Remnants of sweat and soap remain around the stones and take the shine off the ring. DON’T WEAR YOUR RING WHILE PLAYING SPORTS Your ring is also adverse to showers, saunas, pools and outdoor swimming places. And be sure to take it off when you head outside for work in the garden. EVERYTHING HAS ITS PLACE If you need to put your ring somewhere, there is no better place than the soft lining of your BISAKU box or in a jewellery box.

How to take care
of white gold

The most popular material for rings is white gold. Its natural colour has a slight hint of yellow. In order to obtain the known silvery colour, a layer of rhodium must be applied to the piece of jewellery. This layer gradually wears away as you wear the ring, eventually revealing the original colour of white gold – it’s light yellowish tint. We can reapply the rhodium layer to the ring as part of our service and, after polishing, your white gold ring will look like new again.
More information on professional care, as well as everything important regarding purchasing, warranty, after-sales service, etc., can be found on our website. You can also visit us in person at our BISAKU Jewellery stores, where we are always happy to help and advise you.

Would you like to clean your ring?

Stop by BISAKU and see us. We will clean your ring with an ultrasonic device to make it shine like new.
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Every ring from BISAKU comes with free lifelong service.

If you treat your rings with the care they deserve, they will serve you for a long time without the need for renovation.

However, if service is necessary, we will clean your ring free of charge every two years and give it a new shine. The surface is restored by polishing and sandblasting; we will clean deposits around the stones and restore the rhodium plating. Free service does not include the removal of mechanical damage (scratches, nicks, deformation ...). These repairs are performed for a fee.

Read our practical advice for taking the best care of your wedding ring.

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