The path to
the best is
long but beautiful.

Whether this is a relationship with someone you love or a ring.

Let’s take this journey together

The first meeting

Do you remember where and how it happened? Love at first sight or an inconspicuous spark? It doesn’t really matter how it happened, just what followed


Like the initial inspiration for your ring, it comes in different ways: sometimes as a vague idea, sometimes as a complete idea that is just waiting for a detailed drawing.

Fresh love

Second date, third date, timid touches ... The foundations of a strong relationship were already being formed between you in these moments, leading to marriage.


The first idea begins to take shape: for now, just on paper. The designer sketches the appearance of your ring, just like every new relationship is gradually born.

Getting closer

Shy and bold touches are long in the past and you begin to get to know one another as you really are: in a variety of situations and from all possible angles.


Now it’s time for 3D visualization, thanks to which you can see your ring in detail and from all sides before the goldsmith actually starts making it.

Grinding the edges

Just like there is no sunshine without a storm, every relationship sometimes experiences friction. But over time, disputes are cleared up and the relationship acquires a more lasting quality that is no longer threatened by every downpour.

Unworked ring

We too must properly grind the edges to give your new ring it’s final shape and create a solid, lasting result for a lifetime.

Grand finale

The finished ring is missing only a few final touches before becoming a perfect piece of jewellery: the goldsmith sets the chosen stone, the last polishing is performed, and one last check is made
... and that's it.


And it’s finally here, the moment women dream about for years, and which men often plan months in advance: the proposal. And then comes the most important “yes” in your life.