Materials and stones


While we mostly use 14K gold in the production of wedding and engagement rings, on request, we can also make rings from 18K gold and Pt/950 platinum. We also offer carbon wedding rings. All of our rings are made to order and individual models can be customized according to your wishes. You can choose between white, yellow and rose gold and their combinations. During production, we use individual parts of white, yellow or rose gold, which are folded and pressed together under high pressure as needed.We never use surface-coloured gold.

For white 14K gold, we use a very hard and, at the same time, the whitest alloy available on the market, which we consider to be the most suitable for the production of wedding rings due to these qualities.

If you are interested in rings made of a precious metal other than gold, you can choose from specific collections of wedding rings made, for example, from high-grade platinum.

Platinum is one of the finest precious metals. It is naturally hypoallergenic and excels in its hardness and colour fastness, making this material ideal for the production of wedding rings. 


An excellent diamond cut that excels in optical symmetry, lustre and facet pattern. When these perfect parameters are combined, a so-called hearts-and-arrows pattern is visible under magnification.

An example of our selection of the ideal diamond cut:


We set natural and synthetic stones in our jewellery and engagement and wedding rings. Diamonds with a brilliant cut are the most frequent choice of stones. We carefully select individual diamonds and set only those that are of high quality with an excellent brilliant cut. You can choose from two types of this eternally beautiful stone: natural diamond and lab created diamond. At first glance, cubic zirconia looks just as beautiful.  In our production we use only specially calibrated cubic zirconia so that the glitter of the stones lasts as long as possible.