Leave adjustments and service to us

The first engagement ring sizing is free of charge.

And every two years, you can use the option of cleaning your ring with ultrasound (removal of surface impurities, cleaning of deposits around the stones and checking the setting of the stones).

Other adjustments are performed for a fee, as are repairs of mechanical ring damage.

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5 years guarantee Craftsmanship and material on all our rings are covered by a lifetime guarantee. Free adjustments If you buy the wrong engagement ring size, we will perform the first adjustment for free. Free service You are entitled to a cleaning of all your BISAKU rings free of charge every two years. Exchanges within 90 days We will exchange any unworn BISAKU engagement ring within 90 days of its date of purchase.

Every ring from BISAKU
comes with free lifelong cleaning

As part of the lifetime service, we will clean your rings free of charge with ultrasound, which will remove surface dirt, clean the deposits around the stones and, thanks to this, the rings will shine beautifully. We will also check the fit of the stones.

If you give the rings the care they deserve, they will sparkle on your hands for a long time without the need for cleaning or renovation.

If you need it, you can also use a complete professional service. This service includes restoration of surface finishes (polishing, matting,...), restoration of the rhodium layer on white gold rings, as well as removal of impurities from around the stones. This service is already charged and we do not recommend it to be performed more often than once every five years in order to avoid excessive loss of material.

Read our practical advice for taking the best care of your ring.

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