Cash in on your scrap gold

Do you have old gold jewellery of any purity at home or only scraps of gold or silver? When buying gold wedding ringsengagement rings or other gold jewellery in our store or on the internet, you can use scrap gold for their partial or total payment (so-called trade-in).

Even if you don't decide on any gold jewellery, we would like to offer you the opportunity to cash in on old fragments of gold and silver.

Current purchase price of gold:

Au 333/8K 235 CZK/1 g
Au 375/9K 265 CZK/1 g
Au 585/14K 550 CZK/1 g
Au 750/18K 650 CZK/1 g
Au 999/24K 1,000 CZK/1 g
Ag 925 7 CZK/1 g

Updated 5/3/2020

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