Winter weddings can be magical

The weather outside is starting to get colder, autumn is coming and in a while winter will set in. For those in love, however, the season is usually irrelevant, and therefore they are not afraid to exchange vows even in winter. A snowy winter landscape, falling snowflakes, pure white everywhere you look and a pleasant feeling of warmth by the fireplace or hot tea definitely have their charm. If you are still hesitant about planning a winter wedding, we have a few reasons for you that may help you with your decision.

A fairy-tale venue

Although winters are no longer what they used to be, we still find places in the country that are beautifully covered in snow. These include, in particular, mountain regions, where the snow still manages to hold for a longer time. In addition to snow, the sun is also warmer in the mountains, making the environment less harsh. The snow, sun, forest landscape and fresh air make for a fairy-tale setting.

A dress with a train, embroidered in silver, but she’s no princess

Who doesn’t know the classic Czech fairy tale Three Nuts for Cinderella? The entire fairy tale plays out in a winter environment. Remember how nice actress Libuše Šafránková looked in a white wedding dress? You must admit that wedding dresses take on a completely different dimension and magic in the winter. Moreover, you can also take advantage of other non-traditional wedding accessories such as a fur. 

Perfect wedding rings

If you decide on a fairy-tale winter wedding, you definitely should choose wedding rings suitable for this style of wedding. If you have always longed for jewellery like from a fairy tale, full of glittering stones and lustre, we have a few pieces for you at BISAKU that are perfect for such an occasion.

Avoid the fight over open dates

The majority of couples want a wedding in the warm summer, when the competition for open dates is great. Since fewer people are interested in winter weddings, you have a much better choice and a chance to choose the ideal date for your big day. It will also be easier to find a good photographer. In the winter you have a better chance of “landing” the one you like best.

Traditional decorations and menu

The winter season calls for incorporating traditions normally associated with winter into the wedding. How about including mulled wine or punch on the wedding menu? Cinnamon needn’t be limited to food; in combination with needles and rowanberries, it is also perfect as a decoration for tables. Table cards made of gingerbread will surely please all your guests.

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