How to choose earrings for your love

Perhaps every woman's eyes light up at the sight of a beautiful piece of jewellery. Earrings are aan easy way to make your partner happy. Why is that? Because you don't have to know the size, for example, like a ring. But how to choose a piece of jewellery so that it suits her as much as possible and so that she is satisfied with it? We have a few tips you will appreciate when choosing earrings for your better half.

You need to know your partner at least a little

The number of years you’ve been together are not important. You should know that your partner loves red and hates blue. That she prefers silver to gold, that she’s an extrovert and enjoys being the centre of attention, or that she’s an introvert and that she likes her quiet. It is precisely these little things that shape what your partner is like and what style she is inclined to like. If you don’t know these things and do not want to spoil the moment of surprise, ask her friends. 

Face shape

Earrings are the piece of jewellery closest to the face. The right choice of earrings can flatter the shape of the face and enhance your partner's beauty. Therefore, focus on the shape of your sweetheart's face and keep these simple rules in mind when choosing:

  1. Round face

A woman with a round face will immediately captivate you with full cheeks and a broad and low forehead. Long dangling earrings are most suitable for such a woman, as they optically stretch her face and make it slimmer. Stud earrings are also a great choice. Avoid circles of any size.

  1. Triangular (heart-shaped) face

The triangular shape is dominated by a wider forehead, from which the shape of the face gradually narrows downwards. Long lines suit this type of face – long dangling earrings, teardrop earrings and also cascading earrings.

  1. Oval face

High cheekbones and a round chin are aspects that catch your attention on an oval face. This face is considered ideal due to the symmetry. Almost any kind of earrings suit this face. Teardrop earrings capture the beauty of your partner best.

  1. Square face

A broad forehead, cheekbones and chin are in a single line. Women with this type of face usually have sharper features, so avoid massive shapes that cannot soften the face. Delicate round earrings and earrings with curved shapes do a great job. 

Original brand earrings

Bisaku stores carry a full line of earrings made of gold in several colours. You will find designs with and without diamonds. We recommend that you view the perfection of the jewellery with your own eyes. The undeniable advantage of a personal visit is our trained staff, who can advise you on your selection so that the earrings suit your partner as much as possible. And men don’t have to worry about judging the shape of their loved one’s faces on their own. For an even greater overview, you can follow Instagram and Facebook, where we regularly add the latest posts from the world of BISAKU jewellery.

If you want to surprise your partner with original earrings, don’t be afraid to entrust your ideas to experts from Bisaku Jewellery. We have designers available who can design jewellery based exactly on your wishes. The result is a piece of jewellery that is completely original.  


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