How to recognize a genuinely high-quality wedding or engagement ring?

Flowers fade, you forget about words, but a ring will remind you of love forever. Therefore, don’t underestimate your choice and focus exclusively on appearance; think of quality as well. We will advise you on what you should focus on.

Don’t skimp on the material

Gold, silver, platinum or perhaps palladium? Each metal has its specific properties. Silver is the most affordable, but it is very soft and tends to oxidize, making it unsuitable for everyday wear. This can mean that it will turn black and wear down over time. Surgical steel is a stronger material. Due to the hardness, steel is also more difficult to work and does not offer as many variants. It does not look attractive due to its almost grey colour and, moreover, the size of the ring can never be adjusted afterwards.

As good as gold

We make our rings exclusively from gold and platinum, because they are the most suitable materials for the production of wedding rings. The most popular choice is gold wedding rings made not only of classic yellow gold, but especially of white and rose gold, which has become very popular in recent years. Rings made of colour-combined types of gold are also very popular. However, quality comes first, which is why we use high-quality alloys of 14K and 18K gold and platinum in the highest purity – pt/950. Customers who want the best choose platinum. Platinum, the most precious metal in the world, is very hard, heavy and, compared to white gold, above all colour-fast – our platinum rings are not modified with rhodium. There was a time when platinum rings were up to three times more expensive than gold, but today they are much more affordable. It is definitely worth investing in the quality of your wedding rings, because you will wear them every day.

Shiny or matte?

Shiny surfaces remain an increasingly popular option. However, abrasions may occur on lower quality materials over time. Polished or sandblasted surfaces are also becoming more and more popular. These appear matte at first glance. If you choose quality material, the surface treatment is not as important. Feel free to be indecisive and combine both colour and surface treatment. The results are unique.

There’s nothing like a diamond

You can’t beat a diamond cut to perfection. Compared to cubic zirconia, the magnificent shine of a diamond lasts forever, and your investment in a diamond will definitely pay off. Your diamond wedding or engagement ring comes with a certificate of authenticity. Each stone has its own unique number. This guarantees that you are wearing a one-of-a-kind gem on your hand

A ring made and given with love.

The ring must be as exceptional as your love. Therefore, we combine hand craftsmanship with modern technology. Advanced technology allows us to control the absolutely exact shape, size and thickness of the ring. Then we set a stone in it by hand so that the connection is absolutely precise. Material and stone are clear indicators of quality, but the work of a goldsmith is always decisive. And devote diligence and respect to this work. After all, we know that marriage is one of the most important moments in life.


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