Rings and their daily wear

How to keep rings looking beautiful?

How to keep rings looking beautiful?

Expensive jewellery requires care, even if we where it only occasionally.

However, wedding rings are unique, among other things, in that we do not usually take them off unless our job directly requires us to.

By wearing it every day, of course, even the highest-quality gold ring wears out. Since its purpose is not only to adorn, but above all to symbolize the power of love and the firm meaning of marriage for many years to come, it is necessary to take care of your ring so that it remains as beautiful, firm and intact as your relationship.

Principles for preventing unwanted damage and soiling of wedding rings:

  • The rings should not come into contact with chemicals or cleaning agents, so it is advisable to take them off when you are cleaning. The chemicals do not damage the gold itself, but they can weaken and thus damage the protective surface treatment of the ring (rhodium), thanks to which the jewellery keeps it new lustre for a long time.
  • Carefully set the rings aside when washing your hands and applying hand cream, otherwise you will unnecessarily bring dirt, soap and sweat residue into the joints and holes of the ring. After these impurities dry, deposits form, due to which the rings soon lose their shine and will often need to be thoroughly cleaned.
  • For the same reasons, do not wear your rings in the pool; put them away before showering or entering the sauna, and prevent rings from coming into contact with cosmetics, make-up and perfumes. It is advisable to take them off before bed, just as we take off larger earrings and expensive watches.
  • Avoid exposing the ring to direct contact with objects made of hard, metallic materials, such as keys, metal door handles or coins, and glass. They can easily be scratched in this case.
  • Always store rings in a jewellery box with a soft, delicate lining (the best one being the box the ring came in from the jewellers).

Bisaku's lifelong jewellery service – after-sales care for your wedding jewellery is completely free!

Even with strict adherence to these principles, gold is, after all, a soft metal subject to wear over time and with daily use. Although you can significantly reduce the consequences of this wear with special attention and care, the ring can begin to lose its lustre over time and thus its beauty.

But Bisaku Jewellery store thinks about everything, especially the needs of its customers. If you become one of them, a special programme is prepared for you with after-sales service, consisting, for example, in the possibilities of regular cleaning, polishing and surface finish renewal, based on the state of your jewellery and your needs.
This service is available to you every two years from the purchase of rings at Bisaku Jewellery, and is completely free of charge.

Dirt is removed and fine scratches and deformation are corrected, depending on the scope of damage.
This is work that experts at the Bisaku goldsmith shop encounter almost daily. They therefore ensure that their customers are thoroughly informed about the care and caution when handling and wearing this precious jewellery on a daily basis, so that this damage occurs as infrequently as possible.

However, if damage occurs, it is here that they will receive the best care so that they are returned to you in their original form – beautiful, shiny and breath-taking.

At the Bisaku goldsmith shop, your jewellery is always in the best hands.


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